How Occupational Therapy
Empowers Your Workforce

Musculoskeletal Conditions are the #1 Healthcare Cost in the U.S.

$381B is spent on MSK care each year, and it is in the top 3 healthcare costs for most employers.

Virtual MSK solutions have proven their ability to reduce this major financial burden, but there has been limited differentiation in what they offer.

Reactiv provides a new, innovative approach to MSK care.

Why Occupational Therapy (OT) for MSK?

  • Focus on Daily Activities

    OT empowers individuals to overcome joint pain by enhancing their ability to perform everyday activities distinctively focusing on improving life quality and functional independence.
  • Simple Set Up

    All services are billed as in-network claims as a Provider through your Health Plan - no PMPM, administrative fees, or complex agreements.
  • Holistic Approach to ROI

    In addition to avoiding surgeries, OT aims to prevent a wide range of procedures that would happen without intervention, from specialist visits to imaging, to medication and more.
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Be First to Adopt Occupational Therapy for your Employees

Reactiv focuses on modern workplace challenges such as work-from-home setups, poor posture, repetitive stress injuries, and generalized joint pain, emphasizing the critical role of Occupational Therapy in today's work environment.

Why Occupational Therapy Works?

Individuals grappling with depression or anxiety often experience a worsening and intensification of their joint pain symptoms. Occupational therapy can guide and support individuals to effectively manage their symptoms, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives.

Our Approach

Occupational Therapy Clinician


Reactiv prioritizes clinical expertise, with patients receiving an average of 5 therapy sessions, ensuring personalized and superior care.

Occupational Therapy Focus

Therapy Focus

Reactiv uses Occupational Therapy, underlining our dedication to returning people to the activities they love.

Occupational Therapy Plan of Care

Plan of

Reactiv helps you with lifestyle and behavior change, custom adjustments to your environment, or suggestions on tools or gear that can make your life easier.

Occupational Therapy Gaming-Enhanced Care


Reactiv innovates with engaging exercising AR games, making each session not only therapeutic but also enjoyable, fostering motivation and participation in the care process.

We’re Dedicated to Making Change


Average Pain Reduction


Return on Investment



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